Hear say, hear out, this is what it's all about

Nothing speaks truth more than a satisfied customer. At MEAComS, we take pride in our work and its accomplished results. We work with steadfast passion, to reap outstanding results, while building long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders.


We know that unswerving growth can only come from strong roots. This is why we invest in our clients and stakeholders, to reap the fruits of the following:


“I’m impressed with the work done by MEAComS for the Youth Employment Forum; the event was well organized, the coverage was far reaching and the analysis report summing up the impact of the event was extremely helpful to our work.”  Dr. SibryTapsoba; Resident Representative of AfDB, African Development Bank

“We have partnered with MEAComS to develop our integrated communications and advocacy strategy. Through providing strategic counseling on media relations and developing our communication material, they helped us in targeting our key audiences and stakeholders. It’s exciting to be working alongside a strategic powerhouse like MEAComS.”  Edward Mac Abbey, Country Director, Plan International Egypt

“MEAComS prepared our annual reports since 2011 , in addition to revamping and Arabizing our corporate brochures and website content.  The quality of their work is undisputable. They are always helpful, at arm's reach,and consistently deliver on time.” Sherwit Kafafy, Corporate Marketing and Communication Manager, TAQA Arabia.

“We appreciate all the support provided by MEAComS. They spared no effort to make the soft opening of TEATRO ESKENDRIA a very unique and successful night.” Amina Abodoma, Programme Coordinator, International Association for Creation and Training (I-act), Teatro Eskendria

“We’ve worked with MEAComS in creating a new corporate identity, encompassing everything from branding to establishing our online presence. The agency has been just the right thing for Saraya, catapulting the brand into the Egyptian market while keeping it up-to-date with the latest marketing tools. We’ve been met with friendly faces all along.” Sara Mostafa, Founder, Saraya

“MEAComS gave us tremendous support in creating our quarterly newsletter 'Nozzom'. Theirsolid understanding of our business portfolio has helped us in positioning our corporate strategy, key projects and success stories in the Middle East. Working with a staff that comprises of highly motivated communication professionals, MEAComS was the right partner for us.” Noha Diab, Marketing Manager, Giza Systems

“While the MEAComS team is comprised of young calibers, the agency has proved to havestrong media relations, cultivated through a dedicated, talented and professional team. Our assigned project was challenging, however, their PR support has helped us to position ourselves exactly where we wanted. We are looking forward to more successful collaborations between both companies.” Nermin M. Fakoussa, Vice President Communications, Siemens S.A.E

“Every little detail matters to MEAComS. We commend their support, professional behavior and punctuality, through which we were able to hold our press conference and host successful interviews. They are religious about their deadlines and unfailing with their communication. Through their work, we received very positive feedback from our doctors.” Tarek Barakat, Public and Health Affairs Manager, Hoffman La Roche - Egypt.

“MEAComS makes a journalist’s job easier through continually updating them with the latest news. When we need to clarify on company news or ask for information, they're the ones we call.” Shaimaa Kandeel; IT reporter, Akhbar al Youm Portal

“MEAComS excels at timely responses to journalists, while providing them with much needed information.” Mohamed Fathy, IT Reporter, Al Masry Al Youm Portal

“My relationship with MEAComS has developed over time. The agency provides me with excellent material to publish, mobile phones for product seeding, as well as access to BlackBerry spokespersons in Egypt and abroad. The team is always ready to handle any inquiries and provide regular updates regarding BlackBerry products.” Khaled el Baramawy; IT Blogger & Influencer, El Saba7 Portal.

“MEAComS is an influential PR firm that works hard to deliver journalists’ the information they need. They enable them to write an outstanding story about the brands that they represent. The agency is always quick to respond to our queries and listen to our feedback; in doing so, they have truly managed to establish bilateral communications and a long-term relationship with us.” Faten el Kholy; Editor in Chief, Alam Rakamy Newspaper.